Your time in the Military has come to an end and your 4am wake up calls are no longer. The Military has taught you a lot of life skills along the way. But I’m not sure we’re ever really prepared for the first day of being out. It’s a huge change. You’ve got the beard, ladies you’re wearing all the red nail polish. Lots of time on your hands and your significant others just staring at you wondering why you’re all up in their space now. Your boots are no longer by the door, but your sweatshirts and your coca cola cans are right there on that table they just cleaned off. And if looks could kill. Was Afghanistan as scary as your wife’s glare? Whether you’ve decided to take some time off and reset or you’re looking for something to fill the time, Real Estate is a booming business that’s never lacking for new agents. It’s a career you can do part time or full time. And as we’ve seen over the last 2 years, there was no lack of sales to be had. Maybe low inventory, but the buyers were plenty. All the powers that be that are trained to watch the market and the stats, show that even with a gradual uptick in interest rates, the real estate market shows no signs of slowing down over the next few years. One of the great programs I love about VerteranPCS is their internship program, which you can learn all about on It is a DOD Skillbridge approved program. They will help set you up with some of the best lenders and agents to intern with. You can learn how to shadow a fellow veteran or military spouse agent to get hands on experience. Those agents can be instrumental as a mentor to help you obtain your license. Call around to your local Real Estate offices and talk to them as well. There is no loss for people who love to talk and make connections in this field. If you’re looking to get your license the first thing you need to do is find a pre-licensure course. Unlike other specialties that require long days and $1000’s of dollars in schools and books and unnecessary classes, Real Estate can be done totally all online from your home in a matter of days or a few weeks at your own pace. Depending on your state, you may have to go to a location for a proctored final exam and you will have to go to your State ran office for your license exam. VeteranPCS works with the CE Shop to provide you a substantial military discount to take your mandatory schooling, and your spouse can use this school as well. If you can count to 10 and understand the fundamentals of how a masterlock works, you’re going to do fine!!! The schools and tests provide you with relevant and current information to help you help your clients. Each State has a requirement of hours you must study, which your online school tracks for you, and a final exam. The CE Shop can give you all that information on their website Once you pass your course final exam, you will contact your State Attorney General’s Office and apply for the license exam. This exam is taken in a proctored setting. You submit your exam and wait for it. You’re used to hurry up and wait, and this is a lot less painful. Some states you will get your results immediately. Here in Ny, well, we have to wait for the Scantrons to be graded and driven by pony express to Albany and then you’ll check your online portal for the next 2-6 weeks for results. Once you have your results, you can find that Broker! And that’s when the real fun starts!! Real Estate can be a very rewarding career path.

Deana Allen military friendly real estate agent for veteranpcs

Written by: VeteranPCS agent Deana